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Ruscombe Streetlights

Ruscombe Streetlights

The following Streetlights are managed by Ruscombe Parish Council

Street Location Unit Number
MILTON WAY, RUSCOMBE Outside “Bathurst” on Ruscombe Ln corner PC004
MILTON WAY, RUSCOMBE O/s “Briars” opp “Newstead” & turning hd PC005
NEW ROAD, RUSCOMBE Outside 29 by Northbury Avenue junction PC018
NEW ROAD, RUSCOMBE outside Hydes Nursary site PC018A
NEW ROAD, RUSCOMBE Outside 55 at Walnut Tree Close junction PC024
NEW ROAD, RUSCOMBE Outside 69/71 opposite fields PC025
NEW ROAD, RUSCOMBE Outside 83 opposite fields PC029
NEW ROAD, RUSCOMBE O/s 7 appr. 95m north of Ruscombe Ln jct PC030
NORTHBURY AVENUE, RUSCOMBE Side of 104 London Road (A3032) near jct PC021
NORTHBURY AVENUE, RUSCOMBE Near 22 opposite 27 side of 27 New Road PC026
NORTHBURY AVENUE, RUSCOMBE Outside 6 opposite 5 PC027
NORTHBURY AVENUE, RUSCOMBE O/s 19 opp 14 east of Northbury Lane jct PC031
PENNFIELDS, RUSCOMBE Opp. 61/62 r/o 76 in f/p to Longfield Rd PC00?
PENNFIELDS, RUSCOMBE Outside 36 opposite green PC015
PENNFIELDS, RUSCOMBE Outside 28a/28b opposite T-junction PC016
PENNFIELDS, RUSCOMBE Outside 49 opp 47 in f/p setback from rd PC040
PENNFIELDS, RUSCOMBE Outside 54/55 in f/path set back from rd PC041
PENNFIELDS, RUSCOMBE Side of 65 opp. r/o 66 by Longfield Road PC043
RUSCOMBE LANE, RUSCOMBE O/s 39 (“Hurstwood Hs”) opp “Percy Cott” PC007
RUSCOMBE LANE, RUSCOMBE Opp “Glen Rhyl” west of Ruscombe Prk jct PC014
RUSCOMBE LANE, RUSCOMBE O/s “Walnut Cottage” opp Millgate Ct jct PC020
ST JAMES CLOSE, RUSCOMBE Opp 1 side of 8 Northbury Avenue nr jnct PC013
ST JAMES CLOSE, RUSCOMBE S/o 8 in footpath to Ruscombe Ln – CHECK PC017
ST JAMES CLOSE, RUSCOMBE S/o 39 Ruscombe Ln in f/p to St James Cl PC065
WALTHAM ROAD, RUSCOMBE Corner of New Rd jct opp Stanlake Ln jct PC006