RPC Minutes 1st July 2020 Annual Members Meeting

2020 Minutes Uploaded on September 20, 2021

Ruscombe Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Members Meeting of the Parish Council

Held via Zoom Video call due to the Covid 19 virus outbreak

On Wednesday 1st July 2020 at 7:30pm

Councillors Present: Mr J May (Chairman), Mr M Evans, Mr P Cassidy, Mrs C Bulman, Mrs K Robson (from item number 103/20), Mrs J Holmes and Mr Gary Merrick (co-opted at item 103/20)

Clerk in attendance: Mrs R Reid

Mr May opened the meeting at 7:30pm.

98/20 Election of Chairman: Mrs Bulman proposed that Mr May should continue as chairman, Mr Evans seconded and approved unanimously.

99/20 Election of:

Vice Chairman: Mr Cassidy proposed Mrs Bulman as Vice Chairman, seconded by Mrs Holmes and approved unanimously.

Planning Chairman: Vacant at present

Planning Vice Chairman: Vacant at present.

100/20 Apologies for Absence: Mr Graham Howe and Twyford Parish Councillor Mrs L Jarvis.

101/20 Declaration of interest: Mr May and Mr Evans declared that they are directors for the Campaign to Protect Rural Wokingham (CPRW).

102/20 Minutes: Minutes for 3rd June 2020 circulated via email.  Proposed by Mr May, seconded by Mrs Holmes, approved unanimously but not signed due to not being together

Mrs Robson joined the meeting during 103/20.

103/20 Co-option of a new Councillor: Mr Gary Merrick introduced himself. He has been helping RPC with their Neighbourhood Plan for nearly two years and he has a background in Management of Construction and Building Consultant.

Mr Merrick left the meeting.

Mrs Bulman proposed that Mr Merrick should be co-opted to join RPC, seconded by Mr May and approved unanimously.

Mr Merrick re-joined the meeting.

Election of Planning Chairman: Mr May proposed that Mr Evans should be planning chairman, seconded by Mrs Robson, approved unanimously.

Election of Planning Vice Chair: Mr May proposed that Mr Merrick should be planning Vice Chair, seconded by Mrs Robson, approved unanimously.

104/20 Public Forum: Mrs Reid has had two enquiries over June,

  • A resident has discovered Oak Processionary Moth Caterpillars in an Oak Tree along Stanlake Lane and had been advised to treat with professional pest control. Mrs Reid has informed immediate neighbours but agreed to inform a wider area, including Stanlake Park, St James Church and Savills/Zeal land.
  • A resident informed of moped/motorbike riders going along the bridle paths. Councillors are also aware of them generally being antisocial on roads as well in Ruscombe and Twyford. Mrs Reid explained that unfortunately RPC do not have any power to stop this, but that it should be reported to non emergency police number when it is happening so that the police will understand the problems it is causing. Councillors agreed there is nothing RPC can do but Mrs Reid will also email the community support police for their information.

105/20 Liaison with Twyford Parish Council: No one in attendance but Mrs Reid will forward their meeting minutes. Councillors are aware of Twyford village centre re-opening.

106/20 Update from Wokingham Borough Councillors: No one in attendance. Mrs Holmes expressed her concern that Ruscombe might be revisited by WBC as a possible development site for extensive house building because WBC/West Berks/Reading did not receive the £250 million they require to build the infrastructure for Grazely.

107/20 Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR): Mrs Reid has sent this off and received an acknowledgement email that it has been received and will be reviewed.

108/20 Policies and Procedures: These include Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations and Risk Management Policy. Mrs Reid has shared these via email. The approval of them all is proposed by Mr Cassidy, seconded by Mr Evans and approved unanimously.

109/20 Planning Applications: None to discuss but RPC do note that Mrs Reid has alerted WBC planning inspectors to a development in Ruscombe that does not appear to be following the plans submitted.

110/20 Neighbourhood Plan: WBC screening opinion is complete and forwarded to ONeill Homer, but our consultant is on annual leave for 2 weeks. Once the draft plan is complete Mrs Reid will share with all councillors and volunteer team for proof-reading and the plan sign off in a council meeting to begin Regulation 14. At the point of proof-reading Mrs Reid will also share it with Twyford Parish Council because Ruscombe is so reliant on their services.

111/20 Parish Council Website: Mrs Reid contacted some of the users of Netwise websites. One site did not work properly, one site user was positive about their website and one was negative/neutral about using it. Therefore Mrs Reid is not confident it would be right for RPC. Mr May will ask a local friend if he would consider making RPC a website and Mr Merrick will talk to his son about what website builders are easy to use. Maybe RPC can produce their own site.

112/20 CIL:

Painting Stanlake Lane Bridge: WBC contractor is willing to quote for the work but requires paint specification from Network rail before they can quote. Mrs Reid will continue to chase. If Network rail do not reply, Mrs Reid will ask the contractor to make a recommendation and suggest that to Network Rail. WBC contractor thinks it would be best to schedule the work in for Spring/summer 2021 because there is more chance of good weather conditions. RPC would like it done sooner if possible.

Land opposite St James Church: It has been 6 weeks since Mrs Reid asked the diocese of Oxford to consider selling the land to RPC following WBC officially stepping down their interest in the land. Agreed that Mrs Reid will email again to ensure they have received the request and are considering it.

Street lamps: Jenna Williams CIL resource manager is trying to get RPC an accurate quote for street lamps on New Road and Pennfields.

Joint funded CIL Project: WBC are requesting northern parishes to consider co-funding a flood defence project, Mrs Reid will be getting more information on Friday 3rd July 2020.

Any other ideas: Mr Merrick suggested looking though the biodiversity reports produced for the Neighbourhood Plan because they set out projects that probably could be funded by CIL. Mrs Reid will share the reports. Mr Cassidy suggested creating a Ruscombe village sign and Mr May suggested RPC could buy more flower boxes. All ideas discussed and agreed to be possible projects.

113/20 Finance:

Payments to be approved:

CCB Membership £35: Paid cheque #455

Clerk wages and expenses £663.20: Paid cheque #456

Nest pension £48.32: Paid Direct Debit

SSE (June) £91.43: Paid Direct Debit

Payments proposed by Mr Cassidy, seconded by Mrs Robson, approved unanimously.

RPC bank account: Application posted off to Unity Bank, awaiting approval.

114/20 Reports from Liaison Reps and Any other business:

Polehampton Swimming Pool Association: Mrs Robson informed RPC that Polehampton Swimming Pool Association is hoping to open the pool in some capacity in August/September.

Road conditions: Mrs Robson has noticed the road condition at the crossroads is not adequate and will take photos and report back.

Fly tipping: Pennfields land has been fly tipped with a fridge/freezer. Mr Cassidy has reported it to WBC.

Mr May closed the meeting at 9:27pm