RPC Agenda 1st July 2020

2020 Agendas Uploaded on September 20, 2021


Clerk: Mrs. Ruth Reid

PO Box 8246, Reading RG6 9SU


Tel: 07492493672


TO:    All Members of the Parish Council                          24th June 2020


Notice is hereby given that the Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in

By Zoom video call on Wednesday 1st July 2020.

                                                                      R E Reid – Clerk


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak this meeting will be held by Zoom Video call and therefore will not hold a public forum, however if you have something you would like discussed please telephone or email Ruth – Clerk before Wednesday 1st July 2020. Thank you



  1. Election of Chairman
  2. Election of
  • Vice Chairman
  • Planning Chairman
  • Planning Vice chairman
  1. Apologies for Absence.
  2. Declaration of Interest.
  3. Minutes: to receive the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd June 2020.
  1. Co-option of a new councillor
  2. Public Comments sent to the Clerk or Councillors
  3. Update from Twyford Parish Councillor
  4. Update from Wokingham Borough Councillors
  5. Annual Governance and Accountability Return AGAR
  6. RPC policies and Procedures
  7. Planning Applications
  • Planning comments
  1. Neighbourhood Plan
  2. Parish Council website
  3. CIL money
  • Bridge painting
  • Land opposite St James Church
  • CIL shared project
  • Any other ideas?
  1. Finance: Payments to consider: –
  • CCB Membership £35
  • Clerk wages and expenses £662.20
  • Nest pension £48.32
  • SSE (June) TBC
  1. Reports from liaison rep
  2. Any other business

Date of next meeting:  Wednesday 2nd September 2020 at TBC