RPC Minutes 7th November 2018

2018 Minutes Uploaded on October 4, 2021

Ruscombe Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council

Held in the William Penn Room, Loddon Hall, Twyford

On Wednesday 7th November 2018 at 7:30pm

Councillors Present: Mr J May (chairman), Mr M Evans, Mr A Wrigley, Mrs K Robson, Mr G Howe, Mr C Bell.

Twyford Parish Councillor Present: Mrs L Jarvis.

Clerk in attendance: Mrs R Reid.

Mr May opened the meeting at 7:35pm.

304 Apologies for absence: Mrs C Bulman and Mr P Cassidy.

305 Declaration of Interests: Mr May, Mr Evans, Mr Howe and Mr Bell declared that they are directors of the Campaign to Protect Rural Wokingham (CPRW).

306 Minutes: minutes from 3rd October 2018 circulated, proposed by Mr Evans, seconded by Mrs Robson, approved unanimously.

307 Matters Arising: None.

308 Public Forum: No members of the public were in attendance.

309 Update from Twyford Parish Councillor: Mrs L Jarvis reported that during TPC’s recent meeting they had Cllr Stuart Munro, Executive Member for Business, Economic Development and Strategic Planning, Cllr Wayne Smith, Deputy Executive Member for Business, Economic Development and Strategic Planning & Cllr Anthony Pollock Executive Member for Highways and Transport attend, they gave an update on WBC’s Local Plan, they are progressing with the local plan, WBC will be engaging with all residents soon, they are hosting a prelaunch meeting on the 8th November, and hosting a meeting for residents of Twyford and local areas, on the 10th of January. There will be further sites for development proposed, Ruscombe is still being discussed as a potential site. The air pollution within the village centre of Twyford is a huge concern and reducing this is a priority for TPC.


310 Neighbourhood Plan: Mr Evans reported that the Neighbourhood plan is progressing, a mailshot has been produced in conjunction with volunteers and councillors, Mrs Reid will now look at layout for printing purposes and get some printing quotes. The mailshot and potential logos were circulated. It was agreed that the request for comments should be more prominent. Mrs Reid will ask the volunteer who created them to change the wording to Neighbourhood Planning Team. The plan is to distribute the mailshot and get feedback from residents on the main issues. Mr Bell will provide an example of an A5 folded mailshot leaflet.


Mr G Howe joined the meeting at the beginning of 310.


311 Wokingham Borough Update: Mr Howe reported that the interim chief executive, Manjeet Gill, of WBC has resigned, and the interview process to recruit will be finalised in December. Mr Howe will write an opposition to the proposed Starworks development, Mrs Reid can then circulate this to other councillors for approval before submitting it.


312 CIL money: RPC have received £47,656.28 of Community Infrastructure Levy. Mrs Reid, Mr Evans and Mr Wrigley meet with Angie Gibson (CIL Resource manager) and Nadeem Hussain (Highways Engineer) at Pennfields to look at the prospective parking location for residents, in theory parking could be created, but they would need a topographical survey, this would cost £540+VAT, going ahead with this survey and the cost is proposed by Mr Bell, seconded by Mr Evans, and agreed unanimously. Other ideas for CIL money are, Church fences, light up speed signs like Charvil have purchased, Painting Pennfields garage doors – council tenant’s garages only, Glebeland community/historical area, Wargrave Road crossing, Loddon Hall doors, and making parking in the central area of Pennfields.

Church fences – Bill and Maggie Barnes have emailed Mr Bell and had a meeting with Mr May, the church does need a toilet, RPC feel it would be nice to work with the church to produce a plan that would be agreeable to local residents. If RPC were to provide the church with new fences, it would need to be made clear, that this was a once only donation to them, and only possible because of the CIL money. Mr May will make contact with the church to get quotes for the fence.


313 Remembrance Sunday: Mrs Reid has had the WW1 posters reprinted as discussed at previous meetings and these have been handed back to the church, Mrs Reid has handed the wreath over to Mr Wrigley for presentation on Sunday at the 8:45 remembrance service at St James Church.


314 Planning applications:

182544 – McCarthy and Stone application to change the layout of the entrance and parking and extend a 2 bed unit into a 3 bed unit. RPC have agreed to comment with concern for the increased occupancy and concern for the lack of parking ratio to number of units.

182809 – 19 Northbury Avenue application for single storey extension, porch and pitched room over the garage. RPC will give no comment.


315 Christmas dinner: RPC will go out to the Mita in Twyford on Wednesday 16th January.


316 Twyford Liaison and Planning Vice Chair: With the stepdown of Mrs Bulman from these roles, although he cannot begin immediately, Mr Bell will help Mr Evans with the planning work, Mr Bell expects to be able to start in January 2019. Twyford Liaison, Mr Cassidy attended the most recent TPC meeting, if he is unable to attend the future TPC meetings, attendance will put onto a rota to circulate all councillors.


317 Finance:

Mrs Reid wages and expenses £591.47

General Council Neighbourhood plan work
Hours 35 Hours 8
Hourly rate £10.92 Rate £10.92
total £382.20 total £87.36
Office allowance £83.33
Pension August 5.5% £25.60 5.5% Pension 5.5% £4.80
Total general council £439.93 Total N Plan £82.56
WW1 posters £60.00
Velcro £8.99
Total £68.99
Total payable £591.47

Proposed by Mr May, seconded by Mr Wrigley, approved unanimously. Cheque #370

Gillett and Johnston £192 church clock maintenance. Proposed by Mrs Robson, seconded by Mr Evans, approved unanimously. Cheque #371


Banking updates


Clerk pension Mrs Reid will check if RPC can pay Nest by cheque, and if that is possible, then set herself up a pension.


Natwest Bank signatories are updated, but Mrs Reid hasn’t received a bank statement yet, Mrs Robson has taken the cheque book to go and investigate. Proposed by Mr May, seconded by Mr Evans, approved unanimously.


VAT Return Mrs Reid plans to do one this month.


Unclaimed Cheque: Cheque #314 for £40.04 has been unclaimed by HMRC, written on 4/9/2017 because it is now over 6 months old it is no longer valid; therefore Mr Reid will cancel this cheque from the Edge system. Proposed by Mr Evans, seconded by Mr Bell, approved unanimously.


318 Liaison updates:


NAG Mr Evans attended their October meeting, minutes will be circulated once received.


Loddon Hall Association: Mr Wrigley attended, minutes will be circulated once received.


319 Correspondence:

Mrs Reid has reported reports of antisocial and criminal behaviour in Pennfields to Thames Valley Police Neighbourhood Team, and WBC’s antisocial behaviour team, unfortunately TVP had not received reports of the criminal and antisocial behaviour team happening, which makes it difficult for them to act upon my retrospective report, antisocial and criminal behaviour needs to be reported at the time of it occurring.

Mrs Reid has also reported two incidents of fly tipping

  1. the old allotment site in Pennfields, this has now been cleared,
  2. Castle End Road.

Both reported through WBC website and this provided updates on the report.


Mr May closed the meeting at 9:27pm.