RPC Minutes 5th June 2019

2019 Minutes Uploaded on September 23, 2021

Ruscombe Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting of the Parish Council

Held in the William Penn Room, Loddon Hall, Twyford

On Wednesday 5th June 2019 at 7:30pm

Councillors Present: Mr J May (chairman), Mr M Evans and Mr P Cassidy.

Clerk in attendance: Mrs R Reid.

Mr May opened the meeting at 7:39pm.

74/19 Apologies for Absence: Mrs C Bulman, Mr C Bell, Mr G Howe, Mr A Wrigley and Mrs K Robson and Twyford Parish Councillor Mrs L Jarvis.

75/19 Declaration of interest: Mr May, Mr Evans declared that they are directors for the Campaign to Protect Rural Wokingham (CPRW).

76/19 Minutes: Minutes for 1st May 2019 circulated.  Proposed by Mr Evans, seconded by Mr May, approved unanimously.

77/19 Public Forum: No one in attendance.

78/19 Update from Twyford Parish Councillor: No one in attendance but Mrs Reid has read TPC recent minutes and reported that they have elected Mr Mantel as chairman. They had councillor elections in May and 3 new councillors joined TPC although one of those has resigned since election.

79/19 Update from Wokingham Borough Councillor: No one was in attendance but Mr Howe has emailed through an update which reports Mr John Halsall has been elected as lead for Wokingham Borough Council, he is keen to protect the greenbelt.

80/19 Neighbourhood Plan Update: Mr Evans reported that they had a very positive volunteers meeting. They are planning a public meeting for the 26th June to presents the results of the Neighbourhood plan Questionnaire and will produce a brief questionnaire update sheet and invite to the meeting to be delivered to all houses in Ruscombe. Mr Bell has said he will go and talk to the businesses once he returns from his holiday. The group have set a steering group of four, three from the Parish Council and one resident. They are considering using professional support. Mrs Reid will ask WBC representative to meet with our NP team and look at how to can access a grant to help pay for professional help.

81/19 CIL:

Pennfields Parking: Mrs Reid has delivered information about the parking proposition to all residents that live either side of the grass area, one resident has spoken of support for the idea, one has written support but only if more spaces can be created two have written their disagreement, and 1 has written support for more spaces but was not positive they would use the spaces because currently car have more space around them and therefore less likely to be damaged than parked in parking spaces. RPC has two councillors living facing the grass, they are supportive of the project. One resident has commented on the size of the tree in the middle of the grass, Mrs Reid will ask the council to trim it. Mrs Reid will ask WBC help to pay for the parking because they have contributed to the parking problem by building two new houses in Middlefields.

Twyford Community Hub: RPC do want to support this project although they are reluctant to commit the council to paying for future years. RPC did not feel that they could decide how much to give to this project yet.

Polehampton Swimming Association: Mr May proposed that RPC give £1,000 to Polehampton swimming Association to support their new equipment project, Mr Evans seconded, approved unanimously.

Purchase of Land opposite St James Church: Mrs Reid will ask Mr Howe to confirm with WBC if they are going to purchase the land if they are not, could they contact the Diocese to say so, RPC will then ask if they can purchase it. Idea proposed of creating a community orchard and pond on the land. This is a project that RPC are very keen to progress on.

Street lamp for Pennfield’s: Mrs Reid will ask about cost.

Clean street signs: Mrs Reid will find out a cost, if up to about £200 it is proposed by Mr May and seconded by Mr Cassidy to go ahead, approved unanimously.

Light up speed sign: Mrs Reid will find out the cost of a portable speed sign.

Loddon Hall doors: Unsure if RPC will give to Loddon Hall again as they have very recently given for CCTV.

Clean/repaint Garage doors Pennfields: Mrs Reid is coordinating with WBC, they have said if the cost is low, WBC may do the work from their own budget.

Community orchard Pennfields: Mrs Reid will confirm with WBC housing that we can use the land. Mr Cassidy proposed the use of up to £1,500 for the purchase of trees and maintenance, seconded by Mr Evans and approved unanimously.

Ruscombe village sign/sculpture: Possible idea to think about in the future, something to give Ruscombe some identity.

82/19 Ruscombe Parish Council Insurance policy: Community Action Suffolk have sent through a new insurance policy, Mrs Reid has check that it provides RPC with the same level of insurance that the previous policy provided, and it does. Mrs Reid has confirmed that RPC’s assets in Mrs Reid house (Laptop and printer) and community assets (noticeboards, lamp posts, benches church clock and war memorial) are insured and they are, under the “All Risks” up to £75,000, this is enough for the value of the items. Signing up to the new policy is proposed by Mr May seconded by Mr Cassidy and approved unanimously.

83/19 Planning Applications:

191150 207 London Road: No comment

191736 102 London Road: Ruscombe Parish Council would like assurance that this development does not exceed the rule of a maximum 50% increase of the original house size. Ruscombe Parish Council would also like assurance that the large willow tree will be preserved.

Invite to meet with Turley to discuss development in Twyford: Mrs Reid will decline the invitation on behalf of RPC because RPC do not support any large development in the area.

84/19 Finance:

BALC: £240.69 cheque #395

Royal Mail group – PO Box: £342 Cheque #393

Window flowers (flower box under Ruscombe boundary sign): £444 cheque #394

Community Action Suffolk: £369.48 Cheque #396

Polehampton Swimming Association (CIL): £1,000 cheque #397

Ruth Reid wages: £585.30 cheque #392

Nest: £51.08 Direct Debit

These payments were all proposed by Mr May, seconded by Mr Evans, approved unanimously.

85/19 Reports for Liaison reps:

NAG: Mr Evans reported that the chairman of NAG is to stand down before the next meeting in September, currently no one has come forward to take over the role.

Twyford Together: Gordon Holmes is chairman. They have focusing on recycling and being Eco friendly, more places in the Twyford area will be offering recycling for things like crisp packets and other items not recycled by the curb side boxes.

86/19 Any other business: Mrs Reid will check how many RPC councillors can attend July’s council meeting, if quite a few Mrs Reid will invite Twyford new Borough Councillor Stephen Conway to attend.

Mr May closed the meeting at 9:20pm