RPC minutes 4th March 2020

2020 Minutes Uploaded on September 20, 2021

Ruscombe Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting of the Parish Council

Held in the William Penn Room, Loddon Hall, Twyford

On Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 7:30pm

Councillors Present: Mr J May (Chairman), Mr M Evans (Chair until item 36/20), Mr A Wrigley, Mr C Bell, Mr P Cassidy, Mrs C Bulman, Mrs K Robson and Mr G Howe.

Twyford Parish Council in attendance: Mrs L Jarvis.

Clerk in attendance: Mrs R Reid.

In the absence of Mr May, Mr Evans opened the meeting at 7:33pm.

32/20 Apologies for Absence: None

33/20 Declaration of interest: Mr May, Mr Howe, Mr Bell and Mr Evans declared that they are directors for the Campaign to Protect Rural Wokingham (CPRW).

34/20 Minutes: Minutes for 5th February 2020 circulated.  Proposed by Mr Cassidy, seconded by Mr Wrigley, approved unanimously.

35/20 Public Forum: No one in attendance.

Mr May entered and took over chair.

36/20 Liaison with Twyford Parish Council: Mrs Jarvis reported that Michael Firmager had attended the TPC meeting and wants to raise awareness of the Borough Parish Liaison Forum and asked for any topics of discussion TPC would like discussed. Wayne Smith spoke at TPC meeting about the Local plan and has requested that information on new infrastructure should be publicised to support the building of new houses. One of the TPC councillors has done some speed checks, 15% of drivers were over the speed limit the worst being 62mph in a 30mph zone. TPC with GWR are looking for a solution to the parking problem at the station, there is a possibility of using the Old Coal Yard. John Halsall/WBC have pledged £640,000 for Twyford Library but planning has now expired so they will need to reapply. TPC are organising a litter pick day on 28th March 2020. Twyford Together are installing another 4 living lampposts and reinstalling the umbrella’s to the alleyway next to the dry cleaners in Twyford village centre.


37/20 Update from Wokingham Borough Councillors: Mr Howe reported that WBC are prioritising the protection of the Greenbelt. WBC have requested an infrastructure grant to support the development of Grazley. WBC are working to ensure flooding is managed as well speeding traffic. Starworks are requesting another 5 years lease as well as other changes but not as large a development as they had previous applied planning permission for. WBC are looking into using Waze, this can monitor how much traffic is accumulating at traffic lights, the lights can then be alerted to allow more traffic through busy routes to allow traffic to move more freely. With WBC’s Clean & Green Borough they are looking to plant enough trees to equal the number of residents. St Crispin’s will be a trial school to have solar panels installed onto their roof. WBC are aware of a new product, a road coating that can absorb CO2, this could help Twyford’s crossroad pollution levels. WBC will have Borough Councillor elections on 7th May.


38/20 Castle End Road Pond: WBC made Mrs Reid aware of a flooding problem with Castle End Road pond, initially RPC believed that the drain was blocked because of the recent resurfacing work to Waltham Road but WBC checked this drain and it was working. WBC conducted a land registry search and RPC do own Castle End Road pond. Mr Bell requested Treetops to clear the ditch, this work has been done, the ditch is working and the flooded water has drained away, WBC have sent through their thanks for resolving the problem. Mr May proposed that RPC should pay Treetops the £900 for this work, using Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money, Mr Howe seconded and approved unanimously.


39/20 Planning Applications: None to discuss but Mr Evans raised that to date Coppers application number 193198 is unresolved but the result is expected soon, Interserve House application number 193414 was refused but RPC expect the application will get amended and reapplied. Mr Evans also raised that RPC seem to have missed an application (191691) Mrs Reid could not find any email evidence of RPC being informed of this application, Mrs Reid will write to WBC and do extra checks to check we don’t miss any others as potentially this could be very damaging if RPC wanted to object to an application.


40/20 CCB Loneliness Project: Mrs Reid has had an email update from Tim Parry at CCB, the project can go ahead even with limited volunteers.


41/20 Neighbourhood Plan: Mrs Reid reported that WBC are completing the screening opinion. O’Neill Homer have provided RPC with a parking policy. Mrs Reid has written to all the Green Space landowners, some question over ownership of a couple of spaces but these are being investigated. Green infrastructure report received from Sundew Ecology and shared with volunteer team.


42/20 Annual Parish Meeting, end of year and audit: Mrs Reid will request Cedric Gilson to complete RPC’s internal audit and book the Twyford Room for Wednesday 28th April for the Annual Parish Meeting where RPC will talk about our emerging Neighbourhood Plan and how to spend CIL money. Mrs Reid will advertise.


43/20 Councillor elections: Mrs Reid will confirm the process for this and update councillors.


44/20 CIL money:

Bridge painting: Awaiting permission.

SID: Mrs Reid has been informed that Simmonsign have taken their battery-operated SID out of manufacture. Mrs Reid has found two others to consider Messagemaker’s battery will last 10 weeks, Traffic Technology will only last 10 days, therefore Mrs Reid will pursue Messagemakeer for a formal quote and ensure it meets RPC’s requirements.

Verge flowers: Mrs Reid has been unable to find another company to quote, therefore RPC will use Gardening4Good £3845.84, this quote is for verge flowers and Community Orchard.

Community Orchard: Mrs Reid will provide an update on early next week once the team have meet to discuss this land transfer.

Streetlamp Pennfields and New Road: Mrs Reid has requested a quote, awaiting update.

Bin in conservation area: Residents of the Conservation area have requested could the bin go on the large triangular area of land next to the church, Mrs Reid will investigate if this is possible. Mrs Reid has received a quote from OCS for collection, once a week collection would cost £4 per month. Residents from the conservation area are considering what style of bin they would like to request.

Tree planting: With WBC planting trees, for now RPC will not pursue this idea further but could always be reconsidered for the future.


45/20 Finance:

O’Neill Homer £1650.00: Paid cheque #428

Oxfordshire County Council TVERC £96: Paid cheque #427

Clerk wages and expenses £653.01: Paid cheque #426

BDK Solutions £120: Paid cheque #429

Treetops Landscapes £900: Paid cheque #430 CIL payment

Nest pension £58.21: Paid Direct Debit

SSE (February) £85.55: Paid Direct Debit

These payments are proposed by Mr May, seconded by Mr Evans, approved unanimously.


46/20 Reports from liaison rep:

NAG: Mr Evans emailed minutes to all councillors. Mr Bell will take over chair at the next meeting.

Polehampton Swimming Association: They are working to resolve the lease of the land asap.

Twyford Together: Are considering who should manage the defibrillators for the future.


47/20 Any other business

Ruscombe Lane Neighbourhood Watch Scheme: RPC have been asked for an update from Ruscombe Lane Neighbourhood Watch Scheme about a letter they emailed in June 2019, Mr Halsall has said to Mr Howe that he would provide a reply.

Ideas for CIL: Mrs Bulman asked if CIL could be used for drivers to enable people to access services, to fund a social club/coffee morning or children’s play/sport club? Mrs Reid will confirm.


Mr May closed the meeting at 9:42pm