RPC Minutes 4th August 2021

2021 Minutes Uploaded on September 16, 2021

Ruscombe Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting of the Parish Council

Held via Zoom Video call due to the Covid 19 virus outbreak

On Wednesday 4th August 2021 at 7:30pm

Councillors Present: Mr J May, Mrs C Bulman, Mr M Evans, Mr P Cassidy, and Mr G Howe (from item 125/21)

Clerk in attendance: Mrs R Reid

Mr May opened the meeting at 7:30pm.

121/21 Apologies for Absence: Mr G Merrick and Mrs J Holmes

122/21 Declaration of Interest: None

123/21Minutes: Minutes for 7th July 2021 circulated via email.  Proposed by Mr May, seconded by Mr Cassidy, approved unanimously but not signed due to not being together.

124/21 Finance: Payments to consider: –

Sundew Ecology £2,751.20: Paid #1/8 2021

CR landscapes £120.00: Paid #2/8 2021

CR Landscapes £2,900.00: Paid #3/8 2021

Wokingham Borough Council £17,105.77: Paid #4/8 2021

Hamblin Watermains £1,422.00: Paid #5/8 2021

ONeill Homer £1,980.00: Paid #6/8 2021

Clerk wages and expenses £970.06: Paid #7/8 2021

Nest pension £91.15: Paid #8/8 2021

HMRC £37.82: Paid #9/8 2021

Thames Water £1863.00: Paid #10/8 2021

SSE (July) £32.83: Paid #11// 2021

These payments are proposed by Mrs Bulman, seconded by Mr Cassidy and approved unanimously.

Mr Howe joined the meeting.

125/21 Any other business:

Noticeboard: Mr May will remove existing and try and take it to the tip. The new one is on order.

New councillor: Mrs Reid will invite to September’s RPC meeting.

Flower planters: Mrs Reid will ask for a quote for three new planters, possible locations are: London Road at the end of Maple bank, Castle End Road boundary sign or Northbury avenue/St James Close junction.

Northbury Avenue trees: Varity identified as ‘Hall crab-apple’, Malus Halliana, Mrs Reid has asked CR Landscapes to use these or similar variety in their quote.

Land ownership: There has been numerous occasions where RPC have wondered who owns land, Mrs Reid will therefore sign up to a free trial of Parish Online to see if that helps RPC identify landowners.

Walking maps: Mrs Reid will list the walking maps on RPC website available to download and print at home and investigate printing of the large maps. Mrs Reid will advertise their availability via Facebook and noticeboards.

Mr May closed the meeting at 7:58pm.