RPC Financial Report Annual Parish Meeting 2020

2020 Minutes Uploaded on September 20, 2021

Ruscombe Parish Council Financial Report for The Annual Parish Meeting

Prepared by Ruth Reid – Clerk to RPC


Please note: Ruscombe Parish Council is not holding an Annual Parish Meeting in 2020 because of the Coronavirus outbreak and social distancing rules.


Ruscombe Parish Council (RPC) began the financial year with £84,041 (including £44,116 CIL money and £39,925 RPC reserves). RPC have received £33,725 in precept and £48,934 in other income (including £39,512 Community Infrastructure Levy CIL, £9,000 Grant donation for the Neighbourhood Plan, a small grant donation from WBC and VAT refund). RPC have spent £25,706 (the biggest expenditure being the Neighbourhood plan, staffing, streetlights and CIL expenditure of church fences, donation to Polehampton Swimming Pool Association for new equipment, clearing a drain at Castle end Road Pond and cleaning street signs).


Ruscombe Parish Council currently hold £140,994 of this £78,160 is CIL money and £62,834 RPC reserves.


CIL money is given to RPC because of new housing developments built in Ruscombe, this money can only be spent on infrastructure.